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Child in wheelchair happily listening to music. Concept of showing importance of individual agency in support work and respect for our clients unique needs

About Us

Enhance Community Services - providing services that enhance lives in our communities.

Welcome to

Enhance Community Services


We aim to make support for daily living accessible, to create a welcoming and safe environment for our clients, to celebrate diversity, and promote opportunities without compromising dignity.

Who are we?

We are a support team of carers with a vision. We provide disability support and respite care services that prioritise the needs of our clients. We believe in a care provision system focused on individualised service and grounded on the understanding that the people we help need their own voice heard. Our system not only empowers the clients to live life to the fullest, it also empowers our staff and aims to strengthen the community. We are passionate about the service we provide and ensure that our clients and care team are involved in the whole process.


From our background of years working in the care-based industry, we have a deep empathy towards the people in our care. However, after witnessing the treatment of clients in some support agencies, we started to develop a genuine fear of aging. So, we decided to help change the industry culture by creating a support service that was person-centred, heart-focused and used community engagement as the baseline of our framework. Humans need connection, they need to be heard, and everyone deserves respect. 

What we do:

We offer a range of support and respite services tailored to individual client needs. We curate specialised teams of carers specifically to meet the requirements of each client so that their unique set of needs are met and they have the greatest chance of creating strong relationships with their team.


We provide emergency support teams at short notice to support other agencies or directly to clients. Our staffing solutions and onboarding process is designed to enable our carers to pivot into new environments quickly and efficiently, while being supported, so that we can provide teams immediately to fulfil your needs. 


We make support options accessible while creating an atmosphere of respect where diversity can thrive and dignity is never compromised.

Four hands linking in a circle. Concept of people supporting people. By holding each other up we provide disability and support care that prioritises respect, inclusivity and agency.
Our guiding principles:

To uphold dignity and respect for all people. 

To promote diversity, equal access, participation and collaboration.

To create an environment of respect and advocacy within the care industry.









Our goals include:
  • Connect our clients to the broader community

  • Reduce and eliminate prejudice in care services and in the wider community

  • Empower our team and our clients to develop strong, meaningful relationships

  • Nurture our client's agency and independence

  • Be leaders in our community as we work towards inclusivity and connectedness

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