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Community Support

A group of people walking through a field with arms on shoulders and pushing their friend in a wheelchair to show that disability support services should be framed around relationship building, respect, inclusivity.

Community Support - Helping you connect

Enhance Community Services aims to integrate community as part of our client support plan and provide safe & accessible social opportunities for people of all ages. We want to break down the barriers preventing community engagement with marginalised communities & provide options for participation in activities, adventures & mutually beneficial community engagements. A strong community is a connected community. Health and wellbeing for all people starts with connection.


We recognise the challenges people with disabilities face regarding mobility and safe access to the community, which is why we carefully design personalised community access services for our clients.


How Enhance Community Services Access/Participation works:

Our highly trained support workers provide respectful care and active support (whether that be emotional, physical, social or other) to you, your loved one/s or customers in their homes and in the wider community. 

We ensure individualism is honoured and provide scope for a choice of activities and work hard to make sure the support and care we provide allows for flexibility and security.


With clear understanding and empathy, we place our clients' community integration and/or participation needs and interests at the centre of this service. We will not be the people that take you out for a social event and stand awkwardly behind you, making it obvious that you are there with a support worker. Rather, we will stand with you, treat you like a friend, and help smooth social interactions so that you get the most out of your time in the social world… unless you would prefer us to wait in the background as your back up in case you need us instead – we're here for you after all. 


Our support workers will uphold high ethical standards whilst providing opportunities and the best possible care to service users at home, in transit and in the community. 


Enhance community access/participation services include but are not limited to:
  • Care and support to access or participate in your community

  • Care and support to access social and sports activities or holidays

  • Support attending recreational activities

  • Support to network and maintain relationships with family, friends and significant others

  • Support to pursue employment opportunities, education, training or build skills of interest

  • Support to access religious programs

  • Support to access shops and restaurants


Our whole approach is based on the premise that all people deserve equal, non-judgemental access to the social world and support that is not patronising or diminishing. We want to see a world where all people are included, have friends and a network of support people that aren't just people you pay to be there but people who are there because they want to be. We help you make those connections, maintain those relationships and provide the space for you to engage safely in the community.

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