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Respite Services

Rear view of elderly man in wheelchair and care helper demonstrating supported community access and respite support work.

Respite Services for you and your team

Enhance Community Services offers a broad range of respite accommodation, care and support services that aim to integrate the community and give our clients the highest quality care available. Our respite support services are tailored to individual client requirements and can assist in emergency or temporary staffing requirements for disability support agencies. 


We provide services to:
  • Parents of children with high needs

  • Seniors who require temporary care to recuperate or relax after hospital admissions

  • People with disabilities who need short-term or emergency/crisis accommodation and support

  • Anyone who needs short term care to allow their permanent carers time to rest or travel. 


We understand that an effective support network means having people available when you don't expect it, as well as making sure your permanent support team have their own time to rejuvenate so they can continue to provide you with the highest quality care they can provide. We are here to support you, your carers and your care teams in whatever way you need when you need it.


Our Respire Services are tailored to each client and can include:
  • Short and extendable accommodation options

  • Emergency and crisis accommodation support

  • Recuperation and relaxation (with support) packages

  • Transition accommodation

  • Group disability accommodation

  • Short stay accommodation for seniors 

  • Temporary support packages for seniors

  • Other support depending on your individual requirements


We believe that relationships are the most crucial factor in any support plan. We are here to ensure your existing team has all the support they need to maintain the highest quality service and make sure you can develop positive, meaningful relationships with your respite support workers. We ensure all our clients are treated with upmost respect and their voices are prioritised. To this end, our staff are trained in active listening, and all our carers have excellent interpersonal and communication skills so that when they engage with our clients in a respite care situation, where people might be feeling unsettled or anxious with a new team or in an unfamiliar environment, our clients feel welcome, safe and actively supported.

Respite Accommodation

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